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"We ask the vine what it can give, and not more"

The vineyard of Château La Peyruche is located on the slopes overlooking the Garonne valley, on the heights of the commune of Langoiran. These hillsides are covered with layers of red gravel on their tops and finer gravel mixed with limestone on their slopes.


Our vineyard covers about 20 hectares. Different orientations (West, North-West and South) and different types of soil (clay and gravel, red gravel, clay and limestone) give our grape varieties: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc, beautiful expressions.


It is from this multi-faceted terroir that the diversity, richness, complexity and authenticity of Château La Peyruche wines are born.



Vinification, maturation and blending of our wines

We are keen to preserve the character of our plots, in order to let the differences in soil and grape varieties express themselves.

About thirty thermo-regulated vats of different sizes make up our production tool.


In the cellar, about sixty oak barrels from various French cooperages, regularly renewed, as well as a Tava amphora, are used to age the reds and whites.


They allow us to obtain a good basis for future blending, which generally takes place in January. From these samples (about thirty batches corresponding to our various plots), the wines that make up our range are born.

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